Monday, August 24, 2009

Cream and Pudding

After almost a month of British food - not at all the mush it used to be, we have had fantastic food here - I am so ready for a California diet. I am way too big for ten weeks, and I can't blame it all on the hormones. I have only had fish and chips once (so good, though - the main thing that keeps me from going back is the line out the door) but the butter and cream and oil in everything has surely contributed to this:

The camera doesn't lie, people. I am really that big at ten weeks. At five months, in a cute little maternity top, this might be adorable. Here at "maybe, maybe not", it's just frustrating. If I could take this as a positive sign that things are going well it would be so much easier, but that idea seems polly-anna-ish ridiculous. 

I won't say that I'm not happy, in general, about being supposedly pregnant. I've just created such a neutral approach to the whole thing that I actually can't feel much of anything in the way of joy or love or hope. I mean, in the rest of my life, sure. No problem. But this is different. Which is fine - I guess this is what I wanted, really.

Anyway, off to Paris for pastries and whatever cheese I'm allowed - then home! Ultrasounds! What a difference that will make.


DAVs said...

I think it's adorable!
Have a safe trip home :)

Best When Used By said...

I think you're gorgeous! Your skin (that which I can see) is like porcelain! But I hear the complaint...I too am starting to sport more of a belly than I ought at 10 weeks. I'm attributing mine to miserable constipation (and so cream and pudding sound much nicer). Yesterday I changed my top 3 times just to go to the grocery store.

I hope you are able to find your pregnancy joy soon. I'd hate to think that this pregnancy will be over and you won't take with you cherished memories and special moments with your baby in utero.

Lost in Space said...

You are too cute! Really. (-;

Wombded said...

I think it's lovely! It's the 2nd child belly; you get bigger so much faster. My yoga instructor is 11 weeks. She didn't show until 5 mos with her first, but she's got a cute little belly already with this one.

Enjoy the pastries. Bon appetit!

Shelby said...

Yeah, you're definitely sporting the #2 belly. :) It looks cute! I remember sitting in the OB's office next to a woman who was pregnant with #2. We were both 14 weeks, but she had a full, round belly (much like mine looked at 5 months) and I sat there with nothing more than a pooch of pudge. I look forward to hearing about your trip in full and your return to ultrasounds! Enjoy Paris!

theappetiser said...

Hi Lorraine. I found you at last :) I'm so pleased for you. I enjoyed reading how you got here - some eerie similarities in feelings that's for sure. All the best!

Kami said...

Hey! Glad to hear the little one is still doing well. Great news.

I just told my husband a couple of days ago that I look 5 months pregnant. It's all good . . .hopefully soon we will both be there in actuality not just look it.