Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Far, So Good

I finally got the official results of the first round of testing - the nuchal translucency and the blood test for a specific protein - and the report is: "it's all fine." Huh?

It seems that most people get some kind of statistical probability report, some kind of one-in-however-many that allows them to make a decision about whether or not to do an amnio. I just got a sentence fragment, although it's a certainly a nice one. I'll call the nurse back, of course - I've had enough experience with lost charts and forgotten memos that I like to double-check whenever anything is vague. But for now, at least, all is well.

The real reason I'm not too worried is that the ultrasound tech showed me exactly what she was doing, what she was measuring and how the measurements related to the statistics. She said that anything over a 3.5 could signal a problem, and Little Whoever has a 1.3 lucency. She seemed very confident that there wouldn't be a problem - she did point out that this is only one test, etc., but she said this measurement was very thin, which is always good. She also said that if the measurement is thick she calls upstairs to the doctor, and they usually do CVS right then and there. Wow!

It's strange to be here. It's like all those years of trial and error just disappeared. It just feels normal, and right. I thought I would be overcome with gratitude and celebration, but the truth is, life goes on. My office has a new big amazing project, my husband may be going to of town for months, my daughter is getting ready for her interviews at new schools... The world is more or less the same place it always was, and I guess I wasn't prepared for that. After years of measuring each month in two week waits and injection schedules, I'm just dumped back here into normal everyday life. If my pants weren't all so gigantic, I might not be sure this is all happening...

Other than that, I am going to start a yoga-for-invalids class this week. It's really a class for people who are recovering from an injury or have some kind of chronic condition, but it's super-easy and I think I need that now. I have been so tentative about anything strenuous that I'm not sure I could survive in my old level 2 class. There are all kinds of prenatal yoga classes around, but I can't quite work up to that yet - I think you might need an actual bump for those sessions.

We are also going to figure out how to get a dog. Although I have never really been an animal person (allergies), my daughter has been asking for a dog for a long time. And it's not that I don't like dogs, I just never let myself get attached to the idea of having one. But the idea of a hypoallergenic dog is what really made me give in - although I'm not sure how hypo-allergenic they really are.

In any case, when we told her about the baby, the only thing she said (at first) was "Can we still get a dog?" To which there is really only one reply. So, off we go on the great hypoallergenic dog search. We all agree that we just want a sweet, easy-going dog - a good personality is definitely the most important thing. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a puppy. I keep hoping that you just know the right dog when you see it, kind of like husbands. Anyway, any advice?


Just Caz said...

I would definatly look at a maltese terrier, or maltese x.
They are beautiful dogs with great temprements and they dont shed!!

Midlife Mommy said...

So glad to hear that things are OK. Can't help on the dog front, as I'm a cat person, but -- if the allergies get to you, there are wonderful prescription nasal sprays that make it seem like you don't have allergies. I am deathly allergic to my cats, but this stuff once a day makes me almost think that I don't have allergies. I use Rhinocort, but there are many others.

Sky said...

Well, I am a big dog person (though I only have one at a time and because they do live longer than fish, I've had only 2 so far in adult life - my 2nd is 5 yrs old).

I watched a segment on hypoallergenic dogs on Good Morning America and apparently it's all bunk - all dogs produce the dander that can trigger allergy response in people. Some dogs just don't produce much of it and sometimes it's associated with some breeds but there are no guarantees.

Having said that, I've known several people with a dog in the terrier category and they seem not to shed (Yorkie's, Cairn).

DO NOT be talked into a Jack Russel Terrier. They're adorable and awesome but too smart to be owned by anyone but an experienced JR owner. They need to be constantly challenged and, believe me, if you don't provide a very intelligent dog with the equivalent of linear algebra problems, he's likely to be destructive and drive you to insanity.

I'm partial to little dogs, especially for people who've not had dogs in the past for the following reasons, which are generalizations but they're often true:

-easily mobile
-more manageable (to walk, to control in general)
-amount of "output" is limited (this is important, as not being a dog person gets worse if you're cleaning up "output" that's the quantity of a human adult's, 'nuff said!)
-because they're "lap dogs," there is an inherent cuddliness with them that helps build bonds
-you don't feel as overwhelmed and taken over by a Yorkie as you would a Mastiff

I have a Pekingese (my second) and though I love the breed despite their "feisty" temperament, I do know the terrier's just shed less, if at all.

Whatever you decide, give yourself and the dog some time to acclimate to one another. And don't be afraid to schedule responsibilities for your daughter. I know kids swear they'll do x,y and z until they've done it a dozen times and then it's not so much fun anymore and mom gets stuck taking care of an animal she never wanted (personal experience from my youth? Nahhhhh! :)

Nikki said...

Right now is when the President elect is also looking for a hypoallergenic dog for the White House, and I saw a segment on the Today Show the other day. Like Sky said, they also mentioned hypoallergenic does not mean TOTAL hypoallergenic. It just means lesser allergens. But try and go with a lesser hairy dog.

Decide on the breed, and then see the temperament of the dog you're getting. A puppy is endearing, but a lot of work. However, you can have your daughter take over some of the responsibilities.

I am a big dog person - I have a German Shepherd, and he's a complete joy.

Good luck with your decisions and selection. I'm sure it's going to be an exciting time for you and your family!

Oh, and YAY on a normal NT scan!

Lost in Space said...

So glad everything is looking good!!

I have no clue on hypoallergenic dogs. I think I remember hearing some breeds of poodles maybe? We are huge dog lovers, but neither of ours (golden retriever or German shorthaired pointer) would fit the bill. Good luck on your search. I don't know what I would do without our furbabies.

Sarah said...

thanks for the comment and congratulations on the NT! that was my favorite scan, when you could still see the whole baby flipping around in there. best wishes for an easy ride here on in.