Monday, January 18, 2010

Ongoing Whatever

So, I am still low on fluid, but not super-low. My averaged fluid measurement is 10.4 - they like to see at least 11. I mean, it's close. It's not drastic. The little guy is banging away in there and it seems like he doesn't have any trouble moving around.

But maybe the bumping is just really dramatic because he isn't cushioned by a vat of fluid? I've had two ultrasounds since I left the hospital and I go back on Friday for prolonged monitoring and another scan. I'm at 31 weeks now, and I know that every week until 36 is important, so I'm just hoping to keep things going for a while with bedrest and liquids. I'm not having any contractions, so if my doc decides that this guy would be better off out in the world, I'm guessing that means the dreaded C.

My husband is going out of town for ten days at the end of the week. I think I can pull off the bedrest with the help of friends and carpoolers and delivery guys, but I can't pull off another late-night trip to L&D by myself. I semi-wish he would cancel, but it's a big deal thing that he's doing and he might never get a chance to do it again. I hate to take away something that means so much to him, especially since I have been so demanding in the past few years - IVF, private school for my daughter, a new house. (Sheesh, I'm like a Real Housewife of Somewhere!) So, he's been working more (which for a freelancer sometimes means taking dumb jobs with idiots he can't stand, or not getting any time off after a grueling project) and now FINALLY he gets to do something prestigious and meaningful and important to him.

I'm gonna try to make it work, but I hope he can get back here fast even if he might have to hijack a snowmobile if he ever hopes to make it to an actual airport in an emergency. My little guy better just hang in there until his dad gets back...


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Stay put, baby boy! It's chilly outside right now, wait a couple of months and the spring warmth will be just starting, a much better time to leave that nice jacuzzi you're in!

Lorraine, you're a trooper to let your DH go away for 10 days. I would probably do that same with how important this is to him, but 10 days is a long time even if you weren't nervous about the fluid situation.

FX that everything goes extremely smoothly through St. Patty's Day!

PaleMother said...

Oh Lorraine, I'm so sorry about the business trip. We dealt with that (not exactly the same, but similar) ... my husband was between a rock and a hard place (me 35 wks and pressure at work to travel). In sort of precarious circumstances, it really stinks to have that come up and have to be put in that position.

When it happened to us, I asked my OB at a regular appointment for a 'reality check', because I knew I had to pick my battles and I knew he was really stuck -- not just being thoughtless. While I wanted to fight for my strong preference for him not to go anywhere, I didn't want to dig my heels in if it wasn't rationally necessary to make a big issuue. In my case, with my history, the OB that day told me he that while he didn't have crystal ball, he would not be too concerned about the chances of something coming up while DH was gone and that took a lot of the tension away for me.

If you haven't resolved to tough it out and you are really concerned/have an instinct ... maybe you could pull the experts into the discussion ... pose an "if you were me?" question. For some objective feedback.

Either way, lots of pt and happy thoughts for everything to remain stable. And lots of empathy while you hold down the fort (which can sometimes feel more like a house of cards) while you are on your own.

You ARE a good sport.

musicmakermomma said...

So glad the baby is doing well - I'm sure they are watching him like a hawk. Can you have someone come stay, even a couple people a few days each? That might make you feel better if there was another adult in the house...

You are so brave and this is a terrifying situation, I don't blame you a bit. But put some of this back on your dh - I applaud your thought to let him go, but he needs to make sure you are cared for while he is gone. He can ask around and arrange things as well as you can. I know I tend to feel like it is all on me, and I don't require enough of my man a lot of the time. This, of course, comes back to bite me in the (@*#$,.

As a person who had a semi-difficult pg, I understand how hard it is to ask for help. But as a friend, I would DIE to find out someone I cared about needed something from me and they didn't feel they could ask. So please ask for help.

And best of luck to you, hopefully it will be completely uneventful for 9 more weeks!

RoseAG said...

I'm the wife of a road warrior. It's got it's advantages - weeks where you eat whatever you want, frequent flier miles, a paycheck!

If you are headed for a C-section that'll be weeks where husband is going to be on-call to help you out.

Maybe a 10 day business trip will be a little break for him before all the big stuff happens.

I never had to deal with big health issues when I was on wife duty - just stuff like broken water heaters, wayward children, robberies, parental deaths and surgeries. So I can't say how'd it be to actually be the person in crisis during a business trip -- hopefully you'll get through it.

just me, dawn said...

I am glad baby boy is hanging tough in there. And hoping that lots of drinking, means fluid stays in the accpetable range.

I only had to breathe through 5 days of DH being out of the country during week 34.....but I was pretty nervous. I know you can do it! I had an appointment right before he was to leave to make sure that the OB thought things would be ok (of course there is no guarantee)....are you doing something like that? can he get back in time if needed?

we can do this!

lastchanceivf said...

Ugh I'm sorry your DH will be gone. I'm sure it's a tough call and you are being mighty sweet and generous to 'let' him go. I hate the term 'let' but you know what I mean. At any rate, I'm hoping that things will be completely and utterly uneventful, except for being waited on hand and foot by your other friends. Wish I were closer--I'd do some baking for you :)

Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

I, too, hope that things are very uneventful while DH is gone. I'm sure they will be! Take it easy and gets lots of rest! Lots of positive thoughts sent your way!