Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thanks to Nikki for the lovely compliment of this award! It is especially pertinent to me because of the tiny houses in the picture - since I am a landscape architect, I am more or less always thinking about houses (unless I am thinking about getting pregnant...)

In the tradition of passing it on to two more blogs, I can only say that I am not somebody who reads a jillion blogs - I really love all the ones that I keep in my reader. But there is a special place in my heart for the stories of my fellow 40 +ers, so I will pass this on to Sky and Egged. Along with my continued best wishes, of course.


Anyway, today I started allowing myself to think I might actually be pregnant. Just briefly. I am not ordering any crib sheets for a long while, but I may buy another pair of stretchy pants this weekend.

Other than that, I haven't really thought about anything like when to tell and what to worry about. For me, the heartbeat has been such the focus of my anxiety that anything past that is uncharted territory. I guess I should concentrate on the normal things like eating well and getting some kind of exercise, but it seems so odd to stop worrying about death and start thinking about calcium deficiency.



PJ said...

So do you have any symptoms? For the three seconds I was pregnant a few months ago, I felt so nauseous. And honestly, I'm hoping to feel that way again soon, and have it STAY this time!

I'm sure your little one has snuggled in for the long haul! :)

Sky said...

Lorraine, you're so sweet - thanks for the blog props! :)

Sky said...

Gosh Lorraine I, like so many of us, "get it" all too well.

It just chokes me up a little to acknowledge that after all we go through to get pregnant (financial, emotional, psychological), we also endure a point of time AFTER the positive HPT when we're still under enormous stress.

And I know that no one and nothing can take it away from you (or me). You just have to get past this milestone on your own.

I can't wait to see that happen for you 'cause you certainly deserve it.

As for me, I'm already super excited for you! :)

Lost in Space said...

It's hard to just shift gears when you have been through so much to get to this point. I hope each day gets a little easier and things sink in for you a little bit more. Hang in there!!