Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stomach Problems

I am possibly feeling the teensiest bit of nausea, which I am taking as a good sign. Although maybe I just ate something funny, because one day of stomach weirdness could be anything, really.

Mostly my stomach feels bad because it is uncomfortably squeezed into my pants. As anyone who has gone through a medicated cycle can tell you, there is some kind of bloat that has nothing to do with anything that may or may not be growing inside you. The bloat is some kind of fat-collecting, fluid-retaining, muscle-slackening deterioration that makes fitted pants a very unfortunate fashion choice. I can only imagine what might happen in back-to-back cycles, but maybe there is some kind of bloat threshold.

Part of it is the lack of vigorous exercise, because of course the hormones make you feel terrible and then the taking-it-easy is such a good excuse to skip the gym. Plus, the steroid I'm still taking does tend to cause puffiness. I know I need to get myself back into some kind of regimen. But I think the IVF bloat, added to the fact that I am not some young thing at this point, means that I am just not going to be swanning around in cigarette pants and a halter anytime soon. (Which is fine, because honestly, I don't swan much anyway...)

Floppy pants are not really a problem - I'm happy to need them, happy to be in this situation at all. But it's funny how many little things are different with a pregnancy after infertility. There's just a lingering sense of doubt and failure that's hard to shake, a habit of not expecting too much. I keep thinking it will ease up as time goes by, but maybe I haven't given it enough time.

I did, however, order two pairs of fancy stretchy pants and one of those wrap-around sweater contraptions. I may look like I'm getting fat, but at least I'll be able to bend over.


Nikki said...

Oh I know that bloat!! I get so bloated with every IVF and each time I've gotten a BFP, I look 4 months pregnant when I am 4 weeks pregnant! I kid you not!

Now I have a couple of pairs of pants with drawstrings (nothing formal unfortunately) specially for my IVF cycles and beyond :-)

Stay comfortable my dear - don't squeeze into fitted pants and make yourself uncomfortable.

PJ said...

I didn't really feel the bloat as much in my October cycle, but then I only had seven eggs then. This cycle I have been bloated since Wednesday, and am STILL popping Tylenol today from yesterday morning's retrieval. That stuff takes a toll on your body!

Drawstring pants - they are a good thing! My favorites are in the link below. I wore them for retrieval. I'm thinking about getting a 2nd pair, I love them so!

PJ said...

If that link doesn't read well, just go to Lands' End and type in Relaxed Performance Sport.

Lost in Space said...

Hugs, hun. I wrote a post blaming a whole lot of bitchiness on my part due to the fact that I wore jeans to work one day right before IVF#2 ER. A couple pairs of drawstring pants later and I was in heaven. (-;

Comfort is definitely necessary for you right now so sport those stretchy pants with your growing belly. Hugs.

Sky said...

I wish it was MANDATORY to go to work in sweatpants. I've gained 10 lbs. this year with the IVF meds on top of my lack of portion control. I'm journaling lately and am down several pounds (even with the Thanksgiving holiday) but it would be so nice to be at work in physical comfort.

So you do what you need to do to be comfy - you're carrying another person inside, after all. :)

PJ said...

Do you think the day after transfer is too soon to start peeing on sticks?


It depends on how crazy I go. I'm thinking a day or two before beta, if I can hold out that long. Last time I had nausea 4 days before the beta!

Jill said...

Comfort is really important-take care of yourself! Invest in some cool drawstring pants! Hope your tummy feels better soon.