Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holding Pattern (With Extra Questions)

Yesterday's visit was the same mix of good and bad - everything looks fine, but the fluid is still low, of course. I had a different u/s tech, a younger woman who is only there two days a week. The regular tech also works at a perinatologist's office, and she is very focussed on the medical details. This other person was way more chatty about the baby, showing me his face and his hair and poking around to get good images of his feet and hands. Which was nice - it lightened things up, so it wasn't all about wondering if he was in some dire situation.

So, here I am, poring over organizing-supplies on the internet. If I was allowed up and about I would bribe Brenda with lunch if she would meet me at the Container Store to help!

Here are my organizing questions of the day:

How do you store medicines? In the kitchen? In bins per person? Per type of ailment? Is it okay to leave daily things (vitamins, etc.) out on a tray? Would that be helpful or just contribute to clutter?

Where do you keep screwdrivers? This is a big point of consternation, since my husband keeps all tools in the garage, but I tend to think that a screwdriver (not one of the giant ones) that is used for taking off battery covers, etc. is more useful inside. Should I just get another set? (It might be worth noting that our city ordinances more or less require that our garage be detached from the house.)

Do drawer dividers work? The boxes that fit together? Or the spring-loaded panels that make sections? Everything that looks so neat and tidy in organizing photos seems like it might be hard to maintain in daily life. Like, I don't think I'm going to fold my underwear - but if you all swear that they will last twice as long and make my ass look fabulous if I do, then I'll try it.

Is drawer space or hanging space more useful? We have a smallish walk-in closet in the new house - one side has more drawers (along with more useful surface space) and one side has more rod space. Which should I claim?

And finally - what do you most want when you are a houseguest? Now that we actually have a room that can be used for guests I need to stock up on some guesty things. And I already know that my mom and then my dad and stepmom will be coming soon!


Evergreen said...

Lorraine, first of all, I looked back in your older posts, and somehow missed the one about your leaking fluid in mid-Jan. How scary that must have been! I've been following your in and out of the hospital, but missed the original post - what a miracle that you are still in a holding pattern.

Now, for your questions... for the screwdriver, we have one of each (flat and philips) in the kitchen drawer, 2 more of different sizes and other tools in a toolbox in the pantry, then the rest of the random screwdrivers in the shed, which is like a detached garage. I say buy your own little toolbox to have in the house (complete with small hammer for hanging pics, tape measure and maybe short level). For daily vitamins and meds, we each have our "pill boxes" and leave those out on the bathroom counter (that will change once baby becomes more mobile). The bottles are in the mirror cabinet and under the sink. Other meds are in little bins by catagory (colds, vitamins, P4/E2 - endless supply of them, probably expired now). No idea about the drawer dividers. I use more drawer space, because our bedroom doesn't have a proper closet, only child-sized armoires under the eaves, so everything gets wrinkled anyway. I have to iron all my clothes before work, whether in drawers or hanging. And as a guest, I want a cushy feather pillow. Preferably a couple of pillows of varying height so I can make the perfect combo.

Fun post!

Lost in Space said...

No lunch required. The Container Store is like my own little piece of heaven here on Earth.

Here are my answers:
I store medicines in the kitchen in rectangular semi-clear plastic bins (from TCS) that have a small cut-out for a handle that make them easy to grab and go. We have 3 bins - dog, prescription, and OTC. I don't like leaving anything out, but that is just me.

We keep our screwdrivers in a big Craftsman tool chest in the garage/man cave. I do keep a tape measure in a kitchen drawer though. I would suggest a Lady Mate type tool kit to store under the kitchen sink. Go with pink or something girly and you are sure to always know where they are because guys don't want to touch or use 'em. (-;

I love drawer dividers. I have the spring loaded Dream Drawer Organizers in the bedroom and in our "bar" drawers. For socks they work wonders for me. For bras/underwear it at least keeps the 2 separated and easier to find. In the kitchen I recently put to use "EASY do-it-yourself drawer dividers". I got them at TCS, but don't see them online. They are a hard plastic that you can score and then snap to fit inside some grooves that stick to your drawers. These work best for me because we have small drawers and this gives me the ability to use and customize the whole drawer exactly like I want it. I can send pics if you want. LOL.

For me drawer space is much more of a premium because I am a t-shirts and jeans kind of gal. I would claim a little from each side if I were you... (-;

As a house guest - access to a fan/extra blanket, an easy to read clock - but not one that ticks or makes noise, 2 pillows, an easy to reach lamp or light access near where I sleep. (At my brother's we sleep in the basement on a pull out torture rack that they inherited with the house. We usually have to hunt down pillows and remake our bed after the kids have destroyed it and we can hear every floor creak as well as water flowing from the dishwasher - clearly we all make do. (-;

So I "might" have Monday off again this week if you need some help with things. I suspect everything is tentative for you right now. (-;

My hubby calls this my Brenda-Brenda mode. I have yet to figure out if this is a complement.

Anonymous said...

問聲好~~ 祝福您的blog愈來愈熱鬧! ........................................

Christina said...

Glad the baby is still hanging in there, but sorry it means your still down.

As for the organization--I'm probably not a good one to give advice. I love to organize, but I'm too cheap to buy anything that would make it easier. My half hearted attempts really are quite pathetic. I would have to say that it really is quite handy having a small screwdriver available in the house (and small tape measure and small hammer). I have a few cabinets scattered throughout my house that are devoted to "junk", ie misc assorted items that I can't find a better place for. One cabinet in the laundry area, one two large drawers in the kitchen, my whole office area, two drawers in our bathroom vanity, one drawer in Genna's bathroom vanity and two drawers in my hobby room are are for junk.

Are there really people that fold their underwear? Okay, I guess I fold my husbands, but that's only because they are boxer-briefs and it just seems right. Some dividers would be handy, but within the dividers would still be a wadded mess. There was once a time that I actually color-coded my hangers in the closet....ahhh I miss those days (sometimes)!

My theory on the guest room--make it just comfortable enough to show you care about your guest, but not too comfortable that they outstay their welcome! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, i wish i had an organized enough mind to even ASK questions like that!! if i need a screwdriver i just go and get it from my husband's tool box, i've never tried drawer dividers and the only special requests i have as a house guest are washcloths and cotton balls. for some reason no one ever has washcloths and i wash my face with one twice a day every day. as for the cotton balls, i always forget to pack them, it's not my hosts job to provide me with them, but if they were available that would be great.

Best When Used By said...

Baby boy is holding on and apparently looking good...even in his shallow swimming pool (awesome that you got to see all his parts!)

Hm, I used to fold my underwear and it never made my ass look fantastic. So I quit that nonsense and just lie them flat in the drawer.

We keep one screwdriver and a tape measure in a kitchen drawer, but our garage and tool box therein are only 10 steps from the kitchen (perk of a tiny house?)

I wish we had drawer/ cabinet/ closet space for organizers! You are going to have fun!

As a guest, I agree with Brenda's comments - right on!

Wombded said...

Good news about the little man. Did you get and estimated weight today?

When we first got married, I could never find my tools. I informed my DH that he had to stop carrying them all to the basement and that I required one one phillip's head and one flat head screw driver, a hammer, and a tape measure to be in the main part of the house at all times. I keep them in a drawer with picture hanging supplies and string. I also keep a 4 ft ladder up here. That's very handy because I'm vertically challenged and we have some very high cabinets.

I agree with all of the ideas for guests. I would just add that you may not want to offer white bath cloths. My BFF washes her face with mine and her make-up leaves stains that do not come out. For the clock, something not too bright. Every time my parents come, they unplug the alarm clock in my guest room. I like to have more than one type of pillow to choose from. There are so many different levels of firmness and thickness. And this is HUGE... a few books. I'm the worst at forgetting my book when I pack and have to ask for something to read at bedtime. I leave several books around my guest room.

Celia said...

When I am a houseguest, I want snacks. Because I feel awkward when I get hungry in the night. It's not polite to raid someone else's fridge.

I also want to know where I can go and not disturb everyone when I get up at 6 and they get up at 8.

I keep medication on a separate shelf in the kitchen. When I am taking a ton( TTC) I portion it out weekly into a pill sorter. Otherwise I leave it in the cabinet.

I like baskets for organizing things. I have a lot of Longabergaer baskets. I keep one on our fridge to corral the cereal. I keep one in the bathroom for odds and ends, everything looks nicer in one.

I fold my underwear. And Misters. What if we died and they cleaned out our house and thought we were non-underwear folding slobs?

On the other hand, I DON"T IRON. Screw that.

We have an old house with tiny closets. We can't install a closet system in them like we have elsewhere. For me, my biggest problem is kitchen storage. I keep 80% of my stuff in the basement. If I need it, we haul it up. I have two tool boxes for kitchen things and a big set of shelves.

RoseAG said...

I keep meds and vitamins in the kitchen in a plastic container. With teens and a cleaning lady I keep anything "good", i.e. controlled substances elsewhere under my watchful supervision.

Your baby will be mobile before you know it so you might as well organize for that right now.

IMO you can not have too many screwdrivers or pencilsharpeners. Buy some more. Keep them where you need them.

Drawer dividers can be part of the problem or part of the solution. It all depends. I like shallow plastic ones for pens/pencils. Except for silverware I wouldn't buy them up front.

Oftentimes you can re-purpose boxes and other containers to hold things when you see a group of things that might be better contained.

Rod vs drawers? Yikes. You need both.

peesticksandstones said...

Thank goodness for those occasional sweet souls with a sense of humor when you're in stressful medical situations. I recall one of my favorite nurses at our clinic used to entertain all my wildest questions as I recovered from procedures (stuff like 'Do patients fart under anesthesia?' and 'Does everyone else think Dr. Rockstar is hot, too?')

I looooooove organizing stuff. With regards to the closet, I'd claim rod space, because it can be pretty flexible. Depending on the season I either use mine to hang stuff, or put up a hanging organizer that lets you stack sweaters/tank tops and stuff in clear view -- tends to stay tidier than drawers.

Hang in there! These home distractions are always a good way to pass the time.

Anonymous said...

Glad baby boy is lounging around - but hoping he puts in an appearance soon!

I love having my own tools in the kitchen, hammer, screwdriver (phillips and flat), pliers, tape measure - my dh has TONS of tools and I would NEVER find anything in our enormous garage (8 car garage - not cuz we're rich, cuz he's insane)

I keep all the meds in the bathroom high up, different shelves for allergy, cold/flu, vitamins. We really don't have prescriptions except for MY stupid IVF drugs - which I keep in the frig or my bedroom. Guess that's over now!

I never fold underwear. Or iron. I don't care if people come in my house after I die and are shocked by the disreputable state of my undies - but if you hear folding DOES make your butt look smaller let me know! I never iron.

I love hanging most things (except you MUST have drawers for socks underwear and sweaters at least - and I keep all my workout clothes in drawers. We moved into my DH's house when we got married, and he had all the good closet space! AND he didn't share. I am still pissed. He still doesn't get it. Yeah.

Good luck - hopefully the next post will be your birth story!

lastchanceivf said...

Feeling exceedingly un-organized all of a sudden.
Our meds, OTC, prescription, his, mine, etc. are all in one cabinet together. Yikes. Must work on that.

I'm glad the u/s tech was lighthearted and all was stable!

Natika said...

Glad the baby is still doing well.
Keep up the good work!

As for storage...I store all med's in the kids toy box.
Did you laugh? Just checking?????

I'm a slob. I can't help with organizing to save my life.