Friday, March 12, 2010

Ides Of March

That's the date. Monday, March 15th.

Originally, it was a day of festivity to celebrate the Roman god Mars. Although it this case it may be more fitting to "beware the Ides of March", the dire warning in Julius Caesar. Yep, that's the day I'll be dripped with pitocin and hoping for the best.

At my appt. this morning I was on the monitors for almost an hour and Mister Baby only moved twice. I honestly think he was just sleeping, but my OB decided that it was time to make a move. Not an emergency move, obviously - more of a precaution.

And I agree - I have been so worried that I will have made it this far only to have it all end badly. I feel better knowing that I'll be in a hospital the whole time. Since cord compression and placental abruption are the risks that have had me on bedrest for so long, I've been a little nervous about what might happen when I finally start having serious contractions. I mean, the bedrest was supposed to help by keeping my uterus calm and not disturbing the placenta. Labor is kind of the opposite of that, right?

So, I get the weekend to wrap up any last little things. Not that "everything" will be ready. But things will be ready enough. I went to Targ yesterday, my first and only trip there during this entire pregnancy. It's funny, but after so much online shopping I found the selection incredibly limited. I didn't actually buy much, but it was good to get some of the little things crossed off of my list. Boob cream. A lightweight robe for the hospital. Felt pads for the legs of the new furniture.

The crib and changer and glider were finally delivered yesterday. The nursery will just be my project for the next month or so. For me, it's still better than getting all of that ready months ago and then having to take it all apart if I didn't end up with a baby. There was a time when I wouldn't have considered waiting until the last minute to get things ready, and I suppose I'm not so cautious when it comes to other things. But this one was hard.

In any case, the upside is that I spent so much time figuring it out on paper. It all came together almost exactly as I planned, and I think I'll have fun finishing it up during the nursing-pooping-laundry-exhaustion of the next few weeks.

So, my bag is packed. The car seat is installed. I finally bought diapers. There is an InDesign document on my desktop, all ready for a photo and a few extra bits of information to be added and made into an email announcement. I think I might be ready for this. Yeah, I'm a little worried about the whole pitocin thing, but maybe it won't be that bad?


Anonymous said...

i had pitocin, are you having an epidural? i think you said you are hoping for no pain control meds? based on your last delivery experience maybe you won't need one though! we closed on our house five days after i had louise, it was a crazy few weeks, i wish you luck and peace but your move will probably go a little smoother than mine did as you are SO much more organized than i am.

PaleMother said...

It is so hard ... to be hoping for your preferred outcome and then have to cave because the clock runs out. Of course it's for the best, but it's still a bummer.

I tried so hard to VBAC #2. But my bod doesn't do spontaneous labor and induction was not an option because of my previous scar. It was so hard to know when it call it quits. There was a lot of tension the last week (I surrendered at 13 days overdue), trying to figure out whether they wanted the C primarily for their legal comfort (what all the VBAC zealots and VBAC literature tell you up and down) or for our safety alone. I was a little more 'bullet-proof' back then. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have been so torn, so on the fence.

PT for a smooth ride. If you make it til Monday, maybe they will use a cervical ripening agent before the pit ... and that alone will kick you into labor without the pit. That happened to me. They told me that was pretty common.

"It all came together almost exactly as I planned"

Gotta love it when that happens.

Best wishes!

Christina said...

I've given birth both ways, with pit (and pain meds) and without (and no pain meds). I'm going to assume that your question was rhetorical and skip the details of the pit birth :).

I totally know how you feel, just wanting to make sure that baby is safe after going through so much so far. Just take each thing as it comes. You'll do fine.

Holly said...

WOW! It's time! Yippee-don't worry too much, everything will turn out great.

Will say a little prayer for you and can't wait to hear the exciting news.

Wombded said...

AGH! I meant to tell you in my last comment to get Evening Primrose Oil for helping to ripen the cervix. My doula had me start taking it about a week b4 inducement. I don't know if it helped me or not, but I started having contractions 5 days b4 scheduled inducement and when I got to the hosp for my pit drip I was already 5 cm. Baby Girl was coming with or without the pit.

They started me on just 2 ml's/hr and never went above 6 ml's/hr. I was in labor at the hosp for only 6 1/2 hrs and, as you know, did not have any pain meds (I like to keep saying it b/c I'm so proud of myself). It was totally doable. And since you've done it b4, it will probably go very well for you.

I'm so excited that meeting Baby Boy is just 2 days away! I'm wishing you both the very best.

lastchanceivf said...

Wow-you are literally this.close. I will be hoping and wishing and praying that everything goes super smoothly and of course I can't wait to hear all your good news and see some beautiful pictures!
include me on that email list: :) :) :)

Bad Egg said...

Oh, this is so exciting! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you guys on Monday. Please let us know how everything goes ASAP. Here's hoping you get the labor & delivery that you hope for!

Lost in Space said...

I will be thinking all good thoughts for you tomorrow and hoping that your little guy decides to come out sooner rather than later. (-;

Looking forward to seeing your announcement and to meeting your son sometime soon.

Finally, huh? Ahhhhhhhh. (-;

RoseAG said...

I'll be thinking about you and a good outcome on Monday.

It's not about meds/no meds, it's about a healthy end result for all involved. That's my prayer for you.

Wombded said...

You were one of my first thoughts this morning. Praying that all goes well for you and Baby Boy. All the best to you both.

Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

Thinking of you today. Hoping baby boy's arrival is as smooth as possible!

Anonymous said...

Hoping things just speed along today and the pitocin doesn't add to the pain. Sending lovely thoughts of an easy birth!

Midlife Mommy said...

I hope that things have gone well and that you are holding your new addition!

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well! Thinking of you and the boy - rest up and give us the details in a spare moment (hopefully before June!)

Best When Used By said...

You are in my thoughts...I hope all goes well and I will look forward to hearing all about your precious new baby boy. Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

we haven't heard from you in a while, i wonder if the baby's here!!!