Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yes, it's true - Shelby has tagged me and now I must describe seven wacky things about myself. I figured this would be easy, since I am generally a bit of an oddball... but narrowing it down turns out to be the hard part.


1. I have a rather large wardrobe of hats. Being a pale frecklish redhead in sunny LA, I don't go anywhere without a hat and sunglasses. I like plain canvas bucket hats or tightly woven straw ones. Absolutley no floppy flowers, no peacock feathers, no grosgrain concoctions.

2. I am one of those people who writes to their congressperson. Not sure if it makes much difference, but I like to think it might occasionally have an effect.

3. Even the thought of pumpkin pie makes me sickish.

4. I have desperate cravings for Pellegrino Limonata. I love the tart fizziness.

5. I almost never remember my dreams. I also never remember to keep a notebook by my bed so I can write down a dream in case I do happen to wake up vaguely remembering one.

6. I don't like products that have a smell. I don't want a scented lotion, scented conditioner, scented soap, scented dryer sheet, scented hair spritz - unless somebody is going to take a very intimate sniffing tour of my various regions, it is just going to be an herbal flowery stew of various marketing ploys. I do use lemon-verbena fabric softener, but it sort of just smells clean.

7. My belly button is such an inny that I can't see the 'bottom' of it.


I'll have to tag some others later, since I haven't read far enough back in any blogs to see who has already done this one. But I promise to do it soon! Meanwhile, I am working on an explanation for my need for anonymity, and a fertility story that has become an instant legend for the rest of my family...

ETA - I hereby tag Claudia, whose blog gave me hope when I really, really needed it.

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Shelby said...

Lol on the innie. Here's a piece of info that may be TMI: I've never been able to 'feel' the bottom of my innie (until being PG). And I hear ya on the freckled thing. California sun can do a number on us pale chicks!