Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Like Buying Socks

So, I've anted up for the next cycle. I still don't know if I'll be allowed to play in the three-for-two game, but the package deal for 40-and-over isn't really one of those money-back plans, anyway.

If I qualify (after a clear HSG, genetic testing and an acceptable recent FSH) I can pay for two cycles up front, and get a third (should I need it) for free. If I only need one, I just consider myself incredibly lucky and am given a small, ceremonial refund. If I only need two, I am grateful and go on my way. If I need three, I try to be happy that I have one more chance without paying anything else. If all three cycles fail, too bad for me.

My old RE didn't offer package deals, so I've never had to make this decision before. But maybe it makes sense, considering that the idea that it will work the first time seems so unlikely. I have never had an IVF work, so I'm actually at a point where the idea of paying double for a successful first cycle sounds pretty good to me.

I should get the latest FSH results next week - I think that's the one I have to worry about.


Sky said...

Lorraine, wanted to pop in and wish you the best. It's so difficult after 40, I know (I'm 41; 42 in December). I had one cycle with my own eggs 6 months ago and it was a disaster - I didn't even have enough eggs to get to retrieval (only 2) so we did an IUI which is...well...worthless at my age!

I was so disheartened to learn how truly miraculous it is for a woman over 40 to actually get pregnant with her own eggs in this day and age. I couldn't believe it so I spent WEEKS combing through the web, infertility support groups for women over 40. It was tough to hear but I recovered quickly and chose an alternate path with very few tears.

You're obviously a tougher lady than me and I wish you the best.

May you be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy, bouncing little bundle sooner than later! :)

Shelby said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm wondering about packaged deals as when/if we pursue IVF, we'll likely go that route. Like you, if I pay double for a first successful cycle, I will gladly do so as that means I'll have a real-life baby.