Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Blood

It's always something in this fight my body and I have about pregnancy. I can imagine my body in a one-woman (what else?) show, played by an unknown red-head with her best "My Cousin Vinny" accent, chewing gum and wearing too much mascara.

"Look, it's not like a big surprise or anything. I toldja all along that this pregnancy thing just itn't for me, right? Didn't I? Didn't I tell ya like a hundred different freakin' times? So don't go cryin' now that it itn't a bed a roses or somethin'.

"Oh, ya think so? Ya think it's easy to keep this rickety skeleton togetha, to make sure all those organs are workin' in a basically kinda normal way? To get that hair to keep growing? It's a full time job already and now ya I gotta buildja a whole otha human bein' ? Are you kiddin' me?"

I'm pretty sure my body's persona is basically a pain in the ass. No matter how much blackstrap molasses and spinach I eat, plus whatever is in the prenatals, I am severely anemic. I do tend to be mildly anemic sometimes anyway, but this time it's a dramatic drop. So, onto the giant iron supplements.

I keep reminding myself that I am perfectly happy to deal with a jillion little problems along the way as long as I can avoid any major ones in the long run. I just hope my body can stop complaining so much - it's not like I don't try to be good to this rickety skeleton and all of it's various bits.

Tomorrow, a massage - just to show that I do still care.


Sarah said...

i think that's p0retty common in pregnancy if you're prone to anemia anyway, right? sorry about the iron pills, i know they can be tough.

Sarah said...

i think that's pretty common in pregnancy if you're prone to anemia anyway, right? sorry about the iron pills, i know they can be tough.

Sky said...

Infertility makes us all develop multiple personalities. There is the one who is encouraging and the one who laughs at her. We want to be the positive, happy persona all the time but past experience pulls that more rational (negative) voice forward to guard us.

The worst part of this is how robbed women are of the ignorant bliss through which most women experience pregnancy, without even a clue how utterly difficult it can really be.

3 pregnancies in the last 24 hours around me. Sheesh!

Sky said...

PS: A massage is an outstanding idea, and very much deserved!

Lost in Space said...

Ugghh....hugs, hun. I hope the iron pills do the trick. As difficult as I know this is, your post and accent definitely made me smile today. Hang in there!!

Lisa DG said...

Yes- you have lots of reasons to feel unsure. I'm here to remind you of your hopes and dreams. You're almost there...don't worry now...the massage will help, I am sure.

Nikki said...

I'm sorry about the anemia. Those iron supplements are huge! But I hope they help and your blood counts improve soon.

A massage sounds perfect!