Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movement? Or Bowel Movement?

I can definitely feel some kind of flickery something going on, especially when I lie down. It's usually a little bit to one side or the other, a skittery fluttery something that almost tickles. I've tried to coordinate the feeling with the doppler, but it's not as easy as it seems - it takes me too long to get the doppler going and the little scrambly feeling doesn't last very long.

I have to admit that it's more likely to be related to the odd digestive side effects of Repliva, the iron supplement. I have had either diarrhea or constipation every day since starting these. The crampiness just pisses me off now because I still run for the doppler just to reassure myself even though I know it's bad digestion. Plus, I hate to have digestive problems at work. I know it's some kind of uptight prissy thing that I should try to overcome so I can Be Comfortable With The Human Body or whatever, but I think solid waste is really a home-based activity.

I know, I know - the body should be allowed to function freely as it needs, blah, blah, blah. But personally my own body is somehow adjusted to a daily rhythm that pretty much avoids ever crapping in a public toilet. For one thing, the bathroom at my office is just not the best place for anything discreet. The building is a 1929 art deco tower, and the bathrooms are wedged into little spaces between stairways. The walls are thin, there is no ventilation and some guy's office is right across the hall. There is a window, but it opens onto the fire escape, and usually the across-the-hall guy is out there smoking. Basically, it's fine if you have to pee. Kind of.

So, as much as I would love to think that little bubbling feeling is the tiny whoever* in there, I also kind of dread a day at the office with too much abdominal activity. Luckily I'll be out at some new sites tomorrow, so I may be able to pop home if need be and at least avoid smoker-guy.

* Ultrasound Friday - and we are definitely finder-outers. I can't decide if I even wish for one or the other - I so desperately wanted a girl the first time I was pregnant. I thought that this time I would either really want another since my daughter and I have such a close relationship, or that I would really want to have a boy so I could experience that instead. But I can honestly say I will be thrilled with either and it's all about seeing a healthy little somebody in there. It's just another difference between a naive easy pregnancy and one that was such a long time coming.


Nikki said...

I'm like that too - I'd rather be uncomfortable than crap in a public restroom! DH thinks I'm odd that way :-)

How cute if you're already feeling the little one! Do you find out this friday? Good luck - you're right, what you want is a healthy baby, and nothing else matters. Can't wait to hear whether you're on the pink team or blue!

Sky said...

Is it poop coming on or is it the baby moving? That's funny! :)

I would love to be "surprised" with the gender if I were pregnant but I'm too much of a planner and too impatient to wait on something I could know right now.

But the big question is, Are you a teller? (as in, will you be sharing the gender with the blogosphere?)

Shelby said...

I can't wait to hear the results of your upcoming ultrasound! In the mean time, that little fluttering sounds like it may be your little guy/gal, but I've never been there so I wouldn't know. I'm much more familiar with gastro-intestinal rumblings at this point!

Jill said...

I'm very private, too. It sucks to be so constipated!

So glad to hear that you're finding out the sex. Can't wait!!