Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's just a hunch, but something does not ring true with this octuplet story. Until someone can explain how an unemployed woman on disability can afford to do IVF six times (at least) I am not buying it.

I haven't seen the interviews (and won't) but the LA Times seems to be covering the whole thing to death. All I can say is that even if six embryos were transferred and two split to become two sets of identical twins, I am still skeptical. I mean, really?


Nikki said...

So many things about this story are "shady". She's been on disability for the last 6 years - hasn't gone back to work, and the state has paid $165,000 to her over the years. Among the 6 other kids she has, one is autistic, (and I hear one of the other kids is special needs).

The whole story is just weird. Which doctor transfers 6 embryos? I hate the fact that this is what gets fed to the general public, and causes them to come to us and say "You'll have multiples if you do IVF - have you heard about the octuplets lady?"

PJ said...

I was just gonna say what Nikki did-about the disability.

And I agree with her about the IVF getting a bad rap.

The whole story stinks.

The word verification btw is spitin! As in, this stuff makes me spitin mad! :P

Lost in Space said...

Yes, we are funding her and all 14 of her children as well as all her medical bills. I'm thrilled to be doing this knowing we can't afford another cycle for ourselves to just get one.

It will all come out eventually. Someone will pay enough money for an "insider" to spill the beans. Very shady.

Sky said...

This gives IVF SUCH A BAD RAP!

I just walked in from dinner with my girlfriends when one of them asked "Sky, did you hear about the woman with the Octuplets? What are you going to do if you wind up with 8 in there?" And she wasn't exactly kidding.

So I had to spend the next 30 minutes RE-EDUCATING them. They really think that stuff happens when you behave responsibly with ART., it really DOES NOT happen.

But in the end, you know they still think this whole ART thing is bizarre and over-the-top and this moron with her litter only makes it so much uglier.

My sympathy to her children, who did nothing to deserve this irresponsible idiot for a mother.