Tuesday, June 30, 2009


For my second post of the day, I have actually gone back and read my own archives to see if I was in this much pain after the last retrieval. The answer is no.

Is this a bad sign? Has anyone ever felt worse after retrieval as time goes on? I am crampy and it hurts to pee or sit down too suddenly. I have to walk in a sort of hunched over way and if I stretch out in any kind of diagonal direction I actually make myself yelp. I had to drive to Topanga today (windy mountain road) and it turns out that you actually use your stomach muscles a lot in twisty driving - I had to keep pulling over to let people with working abs pass me.

I'm not sure what my E2 was, but there was no mention of possible OHSS. I haven't gained any weight or become nauseous. I don't have a fever. All of my googling has turned up a million stories about pain after retrieval, so I'm not super worried. Still, it doesn't seem like a good thing. 


Nikki said...

It happens to me sometimes after retrieval - specially the having to walk hunched part. Straightening up is very painful! I hope you feel better soon - drink a lot of gatorade, and eat protiens and salt!

Peeveme said...

I never had any pain after ER. BUt I see pain as good. Since they never got many eggs out of me and I was never in much pain....I have come to think that some discomfort is a good sign. Not that you are looking for sign are anything.

To be on the safe side I'd probably do some of the OHSS recommendations (Gatorade, high protein). Can't hurt.

the Babychaser: said...

It happens to me every time. I think it is OHSS (though not terribly severe). I find that I hurt worse two days after retrieval than I did the day after. And once it got really bad for a few days before it got better.

Gatorade (or smartwater) is a good idea, but the best thing for it is bed rest. Being upright puts a lot of pressure on the ovaries. Lie down for a day or two and it should get better.

Hang in there. Good luck.

DAVs said...

I'm so sorry I've been so absent. Your support with my Dad has been so nice, I really appreciate it.

I had no idea you were this far along in the process! It sounds like things went well, except for this pain now. I hope it gets better. I never had any problems post retrieval, even with super high E2. Hoping it eases up soon!