Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 3 Update

First of all, I have been on the "comment-combo" protein/gatorade/bed-rest regime and I feel much better. Thank you all for being my de facto medical advisors. So, maybe some mild OHSS plus the fact that my eggs were all crammed together so there was apparently a lot of maneuvering around in there. The phrase "foot-long needle" was used, and then I pretty much blocked everything else out. I think she said something about a bruised bladder.

In any case, I have been waiting all morning to find out the status of my six "beautifully fertilized" embryos. I know it's usually a numbers game, so I've been trying to calculate my odds of being mildly surprised or at least reasonably resigned to whatever news the lab has for me. I am still strangely removed from the process - I am very curious about the information in a science-project kind of way, but even when I try I cannot bring myself to be hopeful. Experimentally, I wondered how I would feel if it turned out that all six embryos were doing well and things looked great. But it's so hard to make yourself have a meaningful reaction to a theoretical possibility.

But then, I got this email:

You have some beautiful embryos! Even the embryologist says so. All 6 are still growing strong. We’ll see how they look on the day of your transfer and the doctor will discuss it with you then.

See you Saturday!

So, do you think I might break down soon and start to think, just maybe, there's a chance?


Shelby said...

6...fantastic! I think if you were to break down and start thinking that there's a chance, you wouldn't be off the mark at all! Hoping the best for transfer day!

Best When Used By said...

Congrautlations on your 6 beautiful embryos! What good news! I too have felt somewhat disconnected during this process. But I think that on Saturday, when you see the photo, and watch the screen as they are transferred, you will surely think there is a chance! Sending you thoughts and good wishes for Saturday!

Sky said...

Lorraine, that's some really fantastic news.

But I understand the detachment (I'm not sure I'm out of that myself). It's just very difficult to open that happy, hopeful part of yourself up to something when you've been down that road - and HURT.

One step at time my friend, that's all you can do right now.

Wombded said...

What a great email! Do you know yet how many you'll transfer? Assuming they all make it to transfer day.

I think it's totally normal to live in the clinical state at this point. You'll get hopefull when you need to.

PJ said...

Again, I've had my head in the sand because of what I'm going through, and am just now noticing that you're post retrieval! How exciting! Best of luck to you!

DAVs said...

Wow that's an awesome email! I'd be printing and framing it :)