Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Pounds (+ Two Cents)

According to ultrasound, the little guy has made it to five pounds. And even though it's just an estimate, the tech says she's usually fairly accurate - a few ounces either way, not the pound or so that I thought was the normal plus-or-minus range. So, good news, because five pounds is also the weight that seems to be a magical cutoff in terms of how the baby does out in the world. I will hit the 35 week mark on Sunday, then one more week of bedrest and I am free to be up and about and go into labor. Although I won't be doing any step-aerobics or, you know, trapeze work. And I have already decided that my husband might not get to know when I am technically allowed to resume normal activity - he still has plenty of carpooling/grocery shopping/etc. to do if he's going to make up for ignoring me in the hospital.

It was so gratifying to read all of your sympathies about that in the comments, by the way. I've been thinking a lot lately about how blogging works - that you get a self-selected group of people who share something about your experiences or your point of view or your sense of humor - whatever it is, there is something there that establishes a connection. That's why I can't understand the crappy anonymous comment - I mean, why bother reading at all if you
really don't have any common ground with the writer? And of course I don't mean the gentle nudges that some comments offer with the best intentions. Those are given within that sense of connection, and (at least in my case) appreciated. Anyway, what I really mean is that my husband is just lucky I have a good source for understanding and shared feelings - otherwise, things would be much, much worse for him! (And I'm lucky, too, of course.)

In other news, I am finally going to buy a crib mattress. It's just been hard to get these last things wrapped up with the specter of "placental abruption" hanging over me. I had a shower, which made a huge dent in my "to get" list, but the things that are left are kind of important. I am not the sort of person who needs to have every little piece of the nursery ready months in advance. I'll enjoy getting the details together while the baby is (hopefully) cuddled in some kind of baby-holding contraption. Or in a sling. Or whatever - the point is, I have never cared that all of my son's future teddy bears be lined up in rainbow-color order on the second shelf from the top before he is born. But it might be a good idea if I can put him in his crib (on an actual mattress) while I decide if I'm going to put up those Eames decals.

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They come in different colors and sizes, so it's a kind of mix-and-match project. I am definitely not a circus-parade-around-the-top-of-the-room kind of gal, but this could be good. Since we are in earth-quake land, I won't put any framed art near the crib or the glider, so that leaves something like a decal. For years, my daughter has decorated her room with her own drawings and things from friends just double-stick-taped to the wall. It's almost floor-to-ceiling, like a museum installation of kid-art, and it covers years of her favorite things. Occasionally she curates a bit, but mostly just adds the new things in where she can. But this next little guy may not be at that point for a while.

So, mattress. And after that I may try buying a crib sheet. Actually, that's a whole different post, since I may try making a crib sheet. Not because I'm the world's craftiest person, but because I can't find a crib sheet I like. Yes, I realize this may be a psychological block, and I'm working on it, really. See? I'm off to order the mattress right now...


lastchanceivf said...

I love those decals! We have a mid-century modernish house so I heart all mod stuff :) There is a mod crib and bedding that I have even looked at--I know that's crazy but I couldn't help myself.

And obviously the most important part of your post is the five pounds and the possible end to the bedrest. But I agree--keep that little point to yourself for as long as possible.

As far as the blogging community--it's a wonderful world by and large. I will never, EVER forget your comment about my Dad, it literally got me through the darkest moments. I am tearing up right this very second just thinking about that day, and reading those words, and feeling grateful for those moments.

Keep resting up and keep us posted!

Best When Used By said...

I'm so glad the baby has reached a milestone weight and that both you and baby are doing well at home. And, uh, isn't there some window washing or toilet scrubbing or curtain ironing your DH might need to do before you let him in on the fact that you can be up and around again?

I didn't see the anonymous comment, but it always rubs me the wrong way when I see evil (yet anonymous) comments on people's blogs. Wuss. Step off and get your jollies elsewhere. Some people live to be critical of others.

The decals are so cool. You can spend hours looking at them online (you know, while your DH is doing that ironing). I'm sure you'll find just the right mix.

We don't have a mattress yet either! Or crib. We have one box of diapers. TONS of clothes, but for some reason the serious necessities (like butt paste and booger suckers) are not what people want to buy for your baby shower. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

i don't have a crib mattress yet either and my baby's almost two weeks old! she's actually sleeping in a bassinet in our room right now though, so i guess it doesn't really matter. her crib won't be set up for another couple of weeks in the new house and even then she'll probably still be in our room for a little while.

Anonymous said...

i don't have a crib mattress yet either and my baby's almost two weeks old! she's actually sleeping in a bassinet in our room right now though, so i guess it doesn't really matter. her crib won't be set up for another couple of weeks in the new house and even then she'll probably still be in our room for a little while.

PJ said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay for 5 pounds! It's soooo good that you only have one more week of bedrest! Um, technically. ;)

I'm so excited that you are here, 35 weeks pregnant, on the brink of being ok for delivery. You've been through so much. This is such a victory.

Love the decals! Very cute and simple.

I love the visual of your daughter's wall of art. My mother in law has framed my husband and sister in law's art from their childhood - still on my MIL's walls. VERY cool! Even the idea of sandwiching it between plexi glass with clips or long time keeps seems really fun.

Definitely, the blogging is about the connection. :)

RoseAG said...

I like the decals too!

If your husband is like mine, word that you've been released from captivity will be met with total abandonment. So I think you are right to keep that information to yourself.

Bean said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds! I love the decals too. Our house is more mix-and-match, but if we could start from scratch it would definitely be more modern. As for the crib mattress - funny coincidence. Just under a year ago I ordered my son's mattress while lying in a hospital bed. Bedrest shopping can be fun. ;) Good luck with the bedding. I searched far and wide for something "different" but in the end I settled for PBK because I was a little nervous about ordering from the internet since colors can be deceiving on different monitors. My favorites came from House Inc. though.
Keep us posted on everything!

Anonymous said...

Love that you made it to 5 lbs!! And your devious plan to "extend" your bedrest - for pete's sake you are 8 months pg, you SHOULD be on bedrest! Mostly. For the work and icky stuff anyway!

I like the baby art - but have you considered showing them to your daughter and having her make decals or paintings for the baby? Might make a connection for her if she is good at such things.

Best of luck hon!

Wombded said...
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Wombded said...

With what you've got going on, I find it inconceivable that you'd be fully released from bedrest. I think that, at most, you should tell him that they've moved you to modified bedrest.

Congrats on 5 lbs. What a relief! You've greatly lowered the likelihood of a NICU stay.

Please be careful. I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I had a very close friend who had a placental abruption and we almost lost her and her baby.

Keep getting lots of rest and crack the whip on that DH of yours! I'm pretty sure that you can handle a whip from the couch! ;-)

Natika said...

If you weren't interesting anom wouldn't be reading.

About the mattress...My kids were born far apart. With my daughter I couldn't imagine not having a crib. With my son I was 11rs older and he only slept in his crib a handful of times. He ended up co sleeping till he was made to sleep in his own bed at 5yrs. I know, he was my baby though!
Anyway back to the mattress...It was super expensive and we never used it. I had bought "Nick & Nora" bedding, 2 sets, and there they sat. I stressed out about everything matching and being perfect when in reality all I wanted was a perfect little boy. That's exactly what I got.

I hope everything is going Great today!

Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

I second Best When Used By... aren't there some nasty chores your dh needs to do before you are off bedrest?!!!??? Yeah for 5 lbs. That has got to be so reassuring! You are almost there, Lorraine!