Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One More Week!

Of bedrest, that is. After that, I'll still be on "light activity" but at least I'll be able to go out without rationing my vertical minutes.

I had my weekly NST- US appointment today and my fluid has gone up even more. Since the baby is bigger (5 1/2 pounds - ish) and taking up even more room, that's a really good sign. The comet-tail of my placenta seems to be slowly disintegrating, but without disturbing anything else. That could mean that the blood supply to the tail is gone, and that it won't irritate the rest of the placenta so much. In any case, it's hard to tell until after delivery - and even though it seems kinds gross, I want to see the placenta almost as much as I want to see the baby! I think that typically the placenta gets whisked away so the new mom doesn't have to look at it, but I am curious. I think I'll put it in my birth plan.

So, I am going to spend my last week on the couch ordering things for the nursery - thanks for all of your comments and encouragement, by the way. I don't actually have any of those things yet, but it helps with the ordering process to have some good feedback.

I am an Ohdeedoh and Apartment Therapy addict, which I guess is obvious to those of you who are, too. Not just for the nursery, but since we are moving and I have so many other things to figure out, AT has been my oracle of decorating advice. There are so many tidbits of good info in there - like the make-your-own-sheet instructions. And really, a sheet is just a rectangle with some elastic corners, it doesn't need complicated tailoring. Although if he is born before I get it done, I will probably be cursing the idea of sewing anything. I don't think of myself as crafty, especially in the Martha tradition, since I am just not dedicated to doing things like that routinely. But after four years of art school and two years of architecture school at least I can usually figure out how to make things. Plus, I have accumulated a lot of the tools, which makes it easier.

I do think the glider will be good for a snooze - I didn't order the ottoman, but I'm hoping that a big firm floor cushion will give me support for my feet, and the back of the chair is high enough for nodding-off against. I was able to find a store that has floor models, so I did try it out. It's the most comfortable one I tried, and my husband liked it too - a big plus. And, yes Mrs. LC, the pillow I thought would look good with it DOES have a drawing of a vespa on it - although technically it is an advertisement for a brand of matches, so maybe it is just vespa-esque?

I'm not sure why that dresser/changer doesn't have the changing pad in the photo. It's one of those case-furniture pieces with the lip around the top to keep a changing pad secure, and then you are supposed to take the pad off and use it as just a dresser. Which could be a bit weird, with that rim. But, maybe it will be good to keep things from falling off? Although things falling off the top of a dresser doesn't seem to be much of a problem for most people, as far as I know.

In other news, I had a lovely visit with Brenda a few days ago. Not only did she come to my half-moved out house (with one chair left for visitors) and chat with me all afternoon, but she brought me bed-rest survival goodies and super-cute baby things. She herself is lovely, too - waaaay more beautiful than the photos she has posted of herself and definitely not what you would think of as the stereotype of a physics-nerd! Since her blog was one of the first that inspired me to start writing my own, it was great to spend some time with her in real live three-dimensional space. It's funny how the whole anonymity thing really only applies to people you already know in real life...


Anonymous said...

we will be planting a tree with the cord that came off of baby L's belly button, but i think the real idea is to plant a tree with the placenta, maybe you can keep your placenta and plant something with it at your new house? i am thinking we will plant something that has beautiful flowers like a mock cherry or crab apple tree at our new house.

Sky said...

OMG Lorraine! I about wet myself with your funny comment on my last post. Yes, I'm planning another SET and definitely hoping for a girl or a hairdresser (I love that!). HAAAAA!

I cannot believe how far along you are - seems like yesterday.....

PJ said...

Yay for only one more week!

I'm kinda fascinated with the placenta too. Mine are fused together, my husband says they look like a figure eight when they do that. They go to pathology, after they are whisked away and that's where he works. Kinda weird to think his coworkers will see it, and do whatever they do to placentas. TMI?

Best When Used By said...

After the one week of bedrest, I guess there will only be 3 weeks left till your due date, right? We are SOOOOO close!

When I was in nursing school and I did my OB rotation, I got to see a couple of births and watched as the doctor did a quick visual inspection of the placenta. They'd drop it in a metal bowl and the doctor poked it around a bit. Honestly, to me it looked like a giant chunk of slipperly, glistening liver. At least that's my recollection from some 18 years ago.

Hey, if you can sew, I'm impressed. I guess if the baby comes before you're done with the sheets, you can buy some until you finish the ones you really want.

Enjoy the week!

Lost in Space said...

That sounds like a really great appointment. You are definitely in the home stretch now.

The fact that you want to sew the crib sheet is impressive to me. Martha or not. (-;

We are in earthquake country so maybe the dresser lip can prevent stuff from falling during a quake???

I'm so so glad we were able to finally meet up! It has been a long time coming. Your words are too sweet and I'm glad I didn't come across as a total physics nerd. I tried to keep my pocket protector hidden. (-; You are just as lovely and kind and intelligent as I thought you would be. Of course, you have the most adorable bump too. Can't wait to meet him some day after he makes his great escape. (-; My vote is still that you will make it past 40 weeks.

lastchanceivf said...

Ahhhh, getting so close!

That is so cool you got to meet Brenda. I'm a real geography idiot and I'm in SF right now and thought "Oh maybe I can meet up with some of the LA bloggers..." ha ha. I had no idea.

OK so the placenta thing...just promise me you won't make tea out of it.... well, I guess if you want too that's your business but when I read about that stuff I sort of get grossed out.

Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

Hurray for one more week! After all you have been through with the placenta, I would be curious too! My son is from Korea and in traditional Korean culture, the placenta is burned and the ashes are kept in case the child becomes ill.

Enjoy your last week of rest and the anticipating of meeting your little guy soon!

RoseAG said...

I like the Apartment Therapy website. It's relaxing to look at homes that aren't full of mail, newspapers, coats, boots and dirty dishes like mine!

We had a huge snow here -snowmagedeon- and the trainer at the gym was telling us that her sister was due on the day it was predicted to drop 16 inches. When I found out she was having a home birth I felt so anxious. What if something went wrong and they were snowed in?

I saw her this morning, almost two weeks later, and inquired about her sister. She had the baby last week, on another snowy day, but everything went fine.

Get your rest and keep that little guy gaining his ounce a day.

Natika said...

I would take your last week on bed rest and order, order, ORDER!
Have fun because you are almost done!
It will be nice not to have to worry so much any more.

Celia said...

That is awesome that you are going to be FREE! I can't wait to go back to doing chores. Which I know sounds crazy, but if I have to look at our bathroom grout for much longer I am going to start showering in the dark.

PaleMother said...

Well done on the fluid. !!

I had a phobia of the sewing machine for a long time, which is not like me. As a kid, I used to teach myself all kinds of things because I had the jones to create and time on my hands, but few mentors. I went to a montesorri day camp once summer and they had sewing machines there. Somehow I got turned off ... by a disagreeable machine?

Like you, after art school, making things = can do. But when it came to sewing, I always let my mother do the machine part (we were compatible in that I liked the parts of sewing that she didn't and vice versa ... plus even if she doesn't do things exactly the way I do them, it helps to have someone who can warn you when you don't know what you don't know).

I'd design the pattern, choose the fabric, do the math, cut the pieces ... everything but the actual sewing. Then I finally took a class and conquered the beast myself. But since time is always short for such things, after a very long pause, I've lost my confidence again. I was going to make a bone-shaped pillow cover (do you have a bone pillow? If not, you need one!) and a deep basket liner as part of a baby gift recently and it all sits in my dining room next to the machine (which doesn't belong there) taunting me. Welcome to my version of feng shui. Beats a stick in the eye.

I know the problem is just my avoidance and not the actual degree of difficulty. A fitted sheet sounds hard to me, for some reason. Elastic and all. Will you make more than one? Cause my two year old never met a double diaper he couldn't soak through at night. We change a lot of sheets here. :P

Glad you are having some fun! Wishing you lots of peace and zero drama and smooth sailing projects.

PaleMother said...

Oh ... here's the dog bone pillow on amazon ... you'll see why I felt I had to make a cover. But they are great under your neck. And under floppy babies, too (which is another reason to cover it ... wash n wear).