Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crampy Bloaty Blah

So, I'm strung out on enough Follistim to create viable eggs out of old fingernail clippings and a single drop of sweat. My pants are barely able to stretch across the first giant bruise of this cycle. I am too grouchy to be allowed to answer the phone.

I have a monitoring appointment tomorrow and I'm just hoping for growth from all six of the bigger follicles. If a few of the stragglers catch up, great. If not, whatever. I wish I could just take the fentanyl now and not worry about any of this until it's over. I have definitely developed a bad attitude, but it seems there is nothing to be done. I blame it on the hornet-sting of the Menopur.

I actually talked to a woman in the waiting room at my last appointment. She was so excited and optimistic - her first IVF. I just kept thinking that she has no idea - but some people really do just sail through all this and go home happy, no reason it can't be her. Probably will be her. See? Now I am grumpy about a perfectly nice lady's possible first IVF baby. What is wrong with me?


In school-world, we met with an educational psychologist today. It was fascinating to get actual answers to questions about what is right for your particular child's learning needs. These days, it seems like all kids already know their learning style. Somehow, it doesn't really go farther than the label - my daughter knows she is a tactile/kinesthetic learner, but she has almost no information about how that will impact her academically. For instance, today we were told that sciences can be incredibly important to tactile learners, and I've never thought of her as especially scientific. But now the whole wanting-to-be a-chef thing makes so much sense. (Although I honestly thought that was only because we had watched the old "Sabrina", with Audrey Hepburn at the Cordon Bleu.)


Shelby said...

I'm starting to get a little grump edge on my Menopur, too. I'd never noticed it with Clomid and this morning I was ready to rip the head off the only person I saw while walking my dogs, just because she looked at me funny (and was kind of staring, which was weird). We can say, "grrrrr" together!

So glad you got a chance to chat with someone about your daughter. She sounds like a talented girl who, given the right circumstances (as with anyone) will flourish.

Nikki said...

Sorry the hormones are being nasty with you! It's so ironical to think of how much we willingly go through!

I hope you have a great follicle check tomorrow, and I hope the good news with your growing follicles makes you less grumpy!

Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!