Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trigger, Happy

Three cheers for Maureen! While my husband cowered in the bedroom, she expertly administered the trigger shot. It actually didn't even hurt at the time, although there is some lingering residual soreness.

Since we had to wait until 10:00, we made a night of it and went to see The Changeling first. It's a heartbreaking movie, and maybe not the best choice in my overly-emotional state. But it is superbly detailed, so even though I thought I would throw up during most of it I still recommend it in general. I like to see movies when they are first out, in a packed house so that there is that palpable audience reaction at work. People in the theater were gasping and cringing in their seats. The story is so brutal that it's impossible to say that I'm glad I saw it, but it was incredibly powerful and the audience reactions reinforced that.

All in all, not the usual girls night out - but I had a great time and it was nice to know that I was in the capable hands of an actual medical professional. Thanks, Mo!


Nikki said...

Yay for Maureen, and for a painless shot! Good luck on Monday!

Lost in Space said...

Only in the IF world do we end our girls nights with a shot that is not done at the bar. (:

I'm glad Maureen could help you out!

Nikki said...

Lorraine - how was your ER? I hope all went well. Do let us know when you can.

Kami said...

Good Job Maureen! How did it go?