Monday, October 20, 2008

Six Of One, Half a Dozen Of Another

So, CD9 US today. The good news is that I do have some potentially good follicles. "Enough to work with" is how the good doctor put it.

There are three 11-12 mms on the right, as well as a few 9 mms. The left has three 13-14 mms, and a few 10-11s. Out of twelve measurable follicles, six may make the cut. The smaller ones are still antral, but there is always the possibility that they may catch up.

Today I added Menopur to my regimen - just a little LH to kick in at the quality-over-quantity phase. I am bloated and tearful and tired of everything, but at least I am not canceled. At least there is still hope - but it's lackadaisical hope. I don't even care if I get approved for the package deal - I can't imagine voluntarily doing this again.

Two days and we'll check again - we are hoping for a weekend retrieval, although I may need a bit more time for these slow-growers. My doctor always goes for a 5-day transfer, on the theory that the extra days are in and of themselves a test of viability. So, early next week plus eleven days of waiting. Maybe not caring so much anymore means it will actually work this time.


Midlife Mommy said...

I have everything crossed for you!

Another Dreamer said...

I hope your follies grow too!

Sky said...

Wow! Your ovaries don't seem elderly at all. I was just freshly 41 and on the highest stims (Gonal-F, 225 IU twice a day) and all they could get were 2-3 follicles to consider - which is why I was converted to an IUI.

You're doing just fine! :)

Nikki said...

I think you're doing great! You have a few days to go, and quite a bunch of follicles that should be plump enough for trigger.

Good luck. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Shelby said...

Not caring as much does seem to help in some cases, doesn't it? I wish your follies lots of growing luck! I'll concentrate really hard and hope that both of our follies do some major speeding up!