Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slow Going

So, my six bigger follicles are growing verrrrry slowly, up about 2mm each in the last two days. Typical growth is 1-3 mm per day, so this is at the low end of the spectrum. One of the six smaller ones may end up getting its groove on, but the others look kind of dormant. The doctor says six is fine, that what we really want is quality, blah, blah, blah.

All of the injections have finally added up to enough damaged tissue that I really can't find a place to inject anymore. The first 24 or so needles seemed to glide right in, but now I have to hunt around for some fresh skin. If I inject too close to an area that hasn't had time to recover I just get a giant bruise now. Today the nurse told me to disregard that little drawing that shows the injection site as the semi-circle under the navel and just stab the needles in anywhere flabby. She warned that the inner thigh is really sensitive, but anywhere else is fair game. So, maybe I won't be completely grayish-lavender by retrieval.

The doctor is estimating a Sunday retrieval, although we won't know for sure until the next US on Friday. The good news is that my lining is 12mm, which means it should be nice and fluffy by transfer time (should I be so lucky) and I don't have a dominant follicle. I have acupuncture tomorrow (if she can find a place for the needles!) and I'll just drink a vat of green tea and choke down some more wheatgrass juice and cross my fingers. Either way, I'll know in just over two weeks.


Claudia said...

Sounds like it's going pretty well. Hey, watch out for the green tea - it's high in EGCG which has been linked to miscarriage. I more thing to worry about, right?

Shelby said...

The first 24? Holy cow. What am I in for? I think my IVF class will be a rude awakening for me. You poor thing!

It sounds like retrieval is just around the corner. I wish you so much luck!

Midlife Mommy said...

I hope you see some more growth tomorrow. Good luck!!

Lorraine said...

Don't panic, Shelby! The 24 are probably more than usual - I have a separate antagon, and my dose of Follistim is so high that I need to use two injections to make up the full amount. Plus, the Menopur. So every morning I have one injection, and at night up to three more. And none of that includes the Lupron from before I started stimming. It adds up!