Thursday, April 2, 2009

Points For Presentation

At the beginning of an IVF cycle, anything is possible. It's like a figure-skating competition - everyone starts with six points and then deductions are taken for flaws in each element. Each segment is judged for it's technical merit. But even though my US was executed perfectly - good symmetry of antral follicles, no cysts or scar tissue - I will automatically have points deducted for advanced maternal age. And, unfortunately, there are no points for artistic merit in this phase - a recent waxing and good fuzzy socks don't count. (Artistry doesn't come into play until the lab portion of the program.)

I tend to be flawless in Lining and Bloodwork, but I have always been uneven in Stimulation and Embryo Quality, so I've added some extra elements to my regime and am hoping that, with a little tweaking of my long program, I can manage to work through my weak spots. I have a really good support team - my acupuncturist and endocrinologist from my last competition as well as a new hematologist and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist who seems to work with all the winners in town. And of course, the RE, who is coaching me to what will hopefully be my best performance yet.

It's early in the program, and as we know, anything can happen. The protocol has been tweaked for optimum results, and we are still aiming for a flawless execution of stimulation. I can say honestly that I'm really doing this for love, not because I desperately want to win. I don't need a gold medal, but it sure would be nice to place in this event and go onto the finals.

I started the ganerelix today - let the games begin!


Sky said...

The Ganirelix means you're a way down the road, if I remember correctly from my old cycle with my eggs.

I hope you get the gold this time too - you certainly deserve it!

MamaSoon said...

There is just enough info in a cycle to make yourself nuts trying to estimate your own 'output' and 'quality'. Very stressful. i am wishing you a good cycle!

Lost in Space said...

Wishing you all the best and hoping for a perfect 6. (-;

Lisa DG said...

Wishing you that little stroke of "luck" that turns all the great contestents into superstars- where opportunity meets preparation.